Recreational/Sports Frames

 Sports and Recreational Eye Protection for Everyone

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Ophthalmology strongly recommend protective eyewear for all participants in sports in which there is a risk of injury. It is especially important that children and teenagers wear eye protection when playing sports.

Paramount Optical works with various frame manufacturers to ensure high-impact eye protection for any sport you and your family may participate in.

Prevent your children (and yourself) from becoming a statistic.

Most eye injuries – 72% – occur among individuals under the age 25; 43% occur in children under 15. Baseball and basketball were associated with the most eye injuries in athletes between 5 and 24 years old. A report released by both groups also states that protective eyewear should be mandatory for athletes who function with one eye and for those who have suffered a previous eye injury or trauma.


Check out this article for more on facts and statistics of sports-related eye injuries.

We recommend Liberty Sport frames for the best in sports eye-protection frames.
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RX Ready Wrap-Around Goggles for Cyclists

Bicyclists and motorcyclists alike have a common denominator in their passion – the need for wrapped-style, face-fitting eye protection. Dust, debris and wind coming towards your face sometimes in excess of 50 MPH can be detrimental to eyesight and thus hinder safety for yourself and those around you.

Our lab works with the highest quality frames and lenses to ensure optimal high-impact eye protection.

Don’t be fooled thinking your helmet is sufficient protection when you’re on the road. The popular half-shell motorcycle helmets (also called beanie helmets) do not include a face shield; therefore, the wearer needs some kind of eye protection. Glasses or sunglasses provide some protection from the wind generated by riding a motorcycle, but not nearly as much as goggles. In addition to keeping the eyes from drying out, goggles also protect from dust, flying insects and road debris kicked up by other vehicles.

Our lab recommends Wiley X frames for cycling use. Frames best suited have gaskets to provide the eyes for superior protection with a sporty, wrap-around style.